Business simulations and serious games.

Simulations are the best solution to represent and understand a system, its sensitivity to changes and its complex interrelations, or to develop soft skills.

Business simulations

Indoor simulations for small to medium groups. From half a day to 3 days.



Developing executive teams to high performance levels.

Increase your results by 20% average!
In Synergy the participant becomes aware of the real dimension of teamwork and how to get in the organisation.



The art of sales simulation to manage client portfolio on mass consumption.

Salesmanship provides with a global perspective helping to interrelate the main elements that influence sales. It is about capacity of analysis more than sales techniques.

Client Banking


The art of sales simulation to manage client portfolio on commercial banking.

Participants learn how to establish strategies depending on each customer. Capacity of analysis and non-linear perspective will help to understand the principal elements of sales in banking.



Emphasising internal collaboration and external competition.

Synersim, in its different formats, generates group dynamics through which participants experience how to manage complex and competitive situations.

Web simulations

Simulations for medium to large groups accessible online.

A tutor assists the learning itinerary.
The decision-making process is asynchronous.
Teams discuss and decide their strategy in advance, to see the market answer afterwards.
The simulation lasts several days and includes complementary activities, reading materials, webinars and feedback.


An addictive activity that will make you feel like the CEO of your company using a business simulation.

CEO aims to enhance the entrepreneurial profile of the participant by developing the necessary skills to manage information properly. They will need global vision and to pay attention to the nuances and relationships, to identify business opportunities.

Made to measure simulations

Software simulations for specific purposes, as training company processes or particular events, like conventions.

We use System dynamics as the mathematical modelling technique to frame, understand, and discuss complex issues and problems. This methodology ensures total adequacy to real company situations.


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