Board games, training activities and outdoor training.

The best tools to generate interaction, motivation, integration and cohesion in teams.

Experiential Learning:

Game Board Platforms

Competitions or complementary training activities for small to medium groups. From 2 to 4 hours.


A board game that can be personalised externally (design, format) or internally (contents, rules) for particular applications.

Teaching Cards is an educational game specially conceived for group training. Its applications range from general training (courses in sales, negotiations, service, quality, etc.) to specific applications (new product presentations, salesperson training, conventions, etc.) and include training in the internal contents of the company.

5 steps


A board game split into levels of knowledge where participants have to demonstrate a certain degree of maturity before continue.

5 Steps Series contents could reflect five concrete steps of analysis for preparing a negotiation, sales, leadership, or teambuilding. Whether it is cooperative or competitive, the content is structured following five levels that will end up covering all desired fields.

Ready to use activities

Indoor activities for large groups. From 2/4 hours to 1 day.

fashion day


A teambuilding activity that recreates the struggle of several fashion designers to obtain the financing of a set of investors or Business Angels.

Teams, must develop the business plan for their company and a whole collection of clothes prototypes designed to show their product strategy. The presentation should include a fashion show with models wearing the most innovative designs and creations of each team.



An “extra-terrestrial” team building experience.

Cocoon is a group activity where leadership styles and communication mechanisms are analysed in a simulated extra-terrestrial situation. Planning and analysis, leadership and influence, emotional tension and tolerance to frustration, will be crucial.

TV Simulations

Reproduce in a classroom all the interaction and fun of a TV show.


TV Game is a motivational competition for large groups based on the recreation of a TV show with corporate contents.

Four to eight participants, either individually or representing to their teams, play and compete among themselves. The activities may be of questions and answers; discover the photo; crosswords; chance; etc. In each case, there is the option of referring texts and images to contents of corporate interest.

tv game

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